I’m so flyver!

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Text Box:  I haven’t blogged in a long time, today however I have decided to, for the greater good of man. I’ve been here for hours, flipping from twitter, to google+ to other stuff and I can’t help but notice that time has gone. I do know I wouldn’t be doing this again in a while, I think. I plan to open another page which will be a bit different from this starting out soon so get ready. I know you want to read stuff you want to read about, but then do you specifically know what it is that you want to read? We want something, all of us but we don’t know how to get it or what it is sometimes. I think it boils down to wanting to be fly.

What do I mean by that? I mean we all want to be the way we see ‘fly’ people, we want to be content, popular and happy. Unfortunately we don’t know how to get to this ‘fly’ state. We despair and then we feel bad when we think we cannot attain the height we want to. Today I decided to wear a nice dress, shoes etc and peeps said I looked good, I knew I looked good so yes I felt fly and then it occurred to me that we always think of flyness in terms of looks, money and possession of a boy or girl friend. When you think of a fly girl isn’t she the well dressed, small, cute, rich, girl who has a boyfriend? We do and that’s not how it should be.

As a slang being fly has two connotions, to be smart or clever and to be fashionable. I’m combining both meanings into one. ‘Flyver’, sounds like flavor right? But it’s our own word for clever and smart people. How do you obtain smartness? It’s all in your Bible, Proverbs has Solomon extolling wisdom, telling you she’s waiting for you to seek her and you will find her and soon you’ll be clever. Fashionable does not mean overhaul your wardrobe it means think about comfort, confidence, and contentment (The three C’s). We have a long way to go in life. We listen to and know that we should enjoy each day, but then when life becomes drab and boring we wonder how we could possibly take things easy. Sometimes we don’t have a choice, other times we do, what matters is we remain true to God, family, Ourselves and friends.

‘Flyver’ I want the word to refer to single people with both qualities (of intelligence and fashion sense) and originality. We shouldn’t act our best only when a guy is around or when we like someone. Which brings me to my theme for today.

She came out of her house and went straight into her car, she didn’t want her room-mate to see her, she would have stared long and hard at her overly exposed cleavage. Today she was going to be interviewing people for her media news report portfolio so she needed to dress in an appealing manner. She particularly had one guy in mind, he was doing engineering, from what her stalking powers had deduced and he was perfect. He was a bit taller than her, lighter skin slim oval face, slim body, he dressed well and for some reason he just appealed to her. Today she would talk to him, interview him and put herself out there. Her cleavage would definitely get his attention, if that didn’t work her brief read on engineering topics will definitely fascinate him since she was doing media she want supposed to know about them (we girls can really be conniving, let’s stop?..deal!).

It hadn’t! he had answered her questions, commented about her being a funny person even gotten her facebook name and all, but he hadn’t shown interest in her the way she had craved it. She had read about computer science not the engineering he was doing do when she spoke about command prompt he had looked at her strange and changed the subject. As she walked into the house she saw room, there her roommate was, with her glasses on and books spread out on her bed, just typical of Kayla. Then she looked up and smiled, “what’s up?” she didn’t have much to say and besides  she was in  bad mood so she just  flopped on her bed. The next day she watched her roommate leave she had on a free pair of pants unlike the shinnies and a nice sweet concealing top and flat shoes. She looked airy, like she was a butterfly. It hit that day that she was uncomfortable being like everyone, not like a butterfly or a flower, she wasn’t special. She wanted to be a christian if that was what it took. It did help her set her priorities straight.

She gradually changed her clothing, buying additions and giving out unwanted ones . Till two years later during her masters programme at another university she went into the administrative office and saw him there, her former crush. He asked for her phone number, he apparently hadn’t heard from her in a while. She made fun of him in the easy-going manner she had developed resigning herself to the friendship zone, when he said, “you don’t have on as much perfume as I remember and you seem different”, She said “well I went through the Jedi training and well the force is with me, don’t need much perfume anymore”, He said “well can I get your phone number, it’s not on facebook.. anymore”, She said “well I wasn’t so desperate”. They both laughed and three years later as they danced at their wedding he said “you are so fly, my butterfly”.

He felt lazy as usual, he thought he had it all, tall frame, okay looks so well nothing to lose. His sisters friend was coming into the house, she had just returned from wherever and from the way his little sister had been acting she wanted to hook them up. The friend was cool, smart and lady-like his sister said and very christian, just like him. He didn’t know what time she’d come on the Saturday, probably around three, so he’d clan his room at two. He picked his pads and continued his game. At ten she came and boy was he untidy. One look at him and in her mind she said ‘No!’. It didn’t change, she kept on seeing him with faded shirts, uncombed hair and she just couldn’t bring herself to say more than the ‘hellos’ and ‘what have you been up tos’.  He even asked her out but she said ‘No’. She met another guy not long after, he treated her terribly though, he was rich and sleek. Four years later they met again. He was working and wearing suits and all now. As they chatted on their phones one evening he asked why she had turned him down, she said he hadn’t been fly enough.

So yes, flyness shows in dressing, speech, and so on. We shouldn’t take things for granted. I’m hoping to get to the point of being fly everyday no matter what. Being a breath of fresh air refreshingly honest is a principle we have to keep close to us. This feels a little scrambled up to me so I’ll  type my points up a bit.

·         You don’t become fly for a guy or when you get one you are fly before.

·         Being natural in behavior and thoughts takes concentration before it becomes part of you.

·         Live live doing something to improve yourself always

·         Being clever requires learning, learning is great, learn about everything you can that’s positive.

·         Eat well and live well.

·         Be Flyver all the way!

  This is something right? So till next time when I have more fun posts laters ya’ll.



3 thoughts on “I’m so flyver!

  1. One word………………………..Awesome! I was just thinking along these lines a few mins ago; about how I should be the smart, respectful, well-behaved, well-mannered person I admire in others everyday. I resolve to be ‘flyver’ too.

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