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My trip went well last year, my birthday. It was my treat to myself and of course my mums treat to me. I took a well-deserved break, to travel on my own, shop and interact in a different environment. The mall, trains, everything about it was wonderful. The window to the soul, mine eyes wereth fed. Briefly more about being flyver? I received a comment, and it read: what next after making the decision to be flyver? I thought to translate it to mean what sets us apart, what do we do? This will not be a deep post, the next will be. Freedom in Righteousness and Holiness, remember that.

She entered the house, a beautiful dress on and even from her smile we all could tell that she was a content woman. Her husband loved her and her children where what anyone would be happy with, four boys. There was something about her that just made you want to know her that made you admire her. The visit that night was brief, we were all there shortly, I sat there and another friend said to her, “ma, I love the way you dress and even the gift you gave my sister and I could see you had great taste”. As soon as the friend left and the lady in question was about to leave with her children inside the house those hosting us asked me “who are that woman’s children?” and I pointed them out. They were shocked so car free and she already had those four? At Church she’s always on the move, doing something. Wow!

My mum is always in the midst of young people when she gets the chance to dance and be among them. I think she has better conversation skills with younger people because she really is able to relate with them well. Every time she’s mentioned, her beauty and behaviour are remarked on. I’ve heard she has a really great dress sense. She’s my mum yes, but she’s also one of my best friends. She is easy to connect with. So then why am I mentioning these women? Because they exhibit aspects of being flyver that enables them to stand out, they have allowed the joy of the Lord to truly be their strength. When a flyver person enters a room, people should feel the magnitude of your presence, because you have set your priority right, on Jesus. The solid rock.

He came over to my house, a doctor, dentist, but a doctor all the same. He was looking for my brother who wasn’t at home. Since I was there he sat me down to talk. I realised he liked things I like, literature, theatre, movies. He glanced at his watch and said, “I need to catch a movie, it was rated poorly and I want to see why”, he hesitate briefly and asked “would you like to come?” I jumped at the chance and eagerly went with him. Thus I watched my first movie in 3D. He has a family his own child but then he still was carefree enough to do and pursue interests that others might deem un-adult like. He is unquestionably a godly man, even in his conversation and reference to Christ-likeness one could glean who he relies on.

So what points am I making today. Being flyver stems from freedom which God encourages. We have freedom of choice and that’s what Christianity is about, the freedom to choose to be unique, the choice to believe and act Christ-like. Revelations 21:8 mentions that the fearful first as those that will go to hell. Being flyver entails basking in the freedom to be yourself to enjoy the things around you as Ecclesiastes says, but remembering God’s judgement and so making the choice to refrain from harm. A flyver person is happy to sacrifice is glad to be weird and thrives to be strange. The fasting in my church the Redeemed Christian Church of God has begun for one hundred days. I suggest you join in it’s so much fun and opportunity to show through your sacrifice and assure yourself of your love for God.

So what decisions have I taken recently to ensure my content flyver state? I have decided to fast, it’s surprising to most people but I find it unique, I’m able to pray better and remember to read my Bible, it is such fun. Also I went of Facebook, I decided not to be afraid of losing touch of having attention on me. I decided it was time to act out on change (more on that later).I decided to be more dedicated in my friendships. I’m now single in my mind, no more poster boy ideas but I still maintain contact with my ex-poster friend. I call friends now go out of my way to get in touch because everyone is important to God so why not to me? I also decided to ensure I’m comfortably but nicely dressed. I have embraced my personality, including the pimples and spots on my face. I have started reading novels again. Importantly I am content because I am assured Jesus will take care of me. So I don’t need anything because he has and will provide all my needs.

I wish you had this kind of joy in you. If you need to chat with me or get more details about the fast or if you think you need advice on any topic, please DM on twitter @custardncake and we will be able to communicate effectively. I want to put on songs (christian) if you have any song suggestions please let me know as well. I also want to start a flyver family so if you’re interested and know anyone that is please follow this blog, share and comment leaving your e-mail address. Live well and prosper in Christ,(Yup from Star trek, I remixed it).

P.S: Please make a list with ten items on it and I’ll help pray for them to be realised before the 100 days is up. Please comment mentioning that you have created the list and you could go a step further, by tweeting or DMing me to inform me on twitter. God bless you.

Have a blessed year ahead. Cheers to you my Flyver people!



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