Sonnet 1: Squeeze my Heart

What I can tell you give is a force like a storm and scream,
It is an ever growing and continuously flowing River,
Feels like a never ending surreal, always occurring dream,
Thoughts of it slither in my mind and I happily shiver.
My confession is: I still can’t wait for that person to meet
Feelings I desire to feel keep my mind, body and soul fugitive
Anticipation beats at me to be in that aspiring love seat
I sometimes convince myself to stop all this must be negative,
The life we live in now is filled with so much of this pressure
so much so a glimpse of it will; and does give goose bumps
Sometimes I’m confused and unsure if ’tis really totally my desire
or the worldly insistent plants, become unuprootable stumps
My first love JC I’m sure will help my myopic eyes see,
it is always all about him  but still all about lil old me.


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