The Journey Continues

I realised that I have fourteen followers and I noted that I need to be loyal to them by continuing to write; despite my insecurities. Thank you! all those who read this and other posts. More thanks to followers. I am willing, determined and able to write more from now on, for me but mostly for you.

The path was ever winding. As I walked, I could understand the reason for its being narrow. I met nobody and heard not a peep. I could sense a presence with me but sometimes it was not easy discerning it. Birds were not chirping, cows were not mooing, trees did not rustle. There was total silence. These things could be present but I could not hear any of it because I was lost in the turmoil of emotion and intellect. I could not believe I had been forced to leave behind all that I knew. I could not yet comprehend where I was going because I had never been to, heard of or conceived what lay before me but I had to keep on going.

There was familiarity in the feel of my clothes on my skin, the rock that I clenched in my left fist, the small parcel on my back, the sun and sky up above. I had these things and once in a while my eyes and mind could perceive these things enough to almost admire them. I seemed incapable of feeling however, because I had become numb. The journey needed to be completed; there was nothing else to do. On a number of instances for seconds, I remembered those I love. Then I remembered they had their own journeys and this was mine. I could meet them and be with them for a time but it was mine alone to walk and complete for survival. All I could do was walk straight and onward into the unknown.

I do not want to make my posts long anymore so I shall list a few things I really hope you internalize.

How to Keep Walking

  1. Walk with God.
  2. Walk with yourself.
  3. Do not avoid crossing paths with positive people.
  4. When it gets tough take it a step at a time.
  5. Talk to someone about it even though its your life journey it will help you and possibly the person you share with.
  6. Enjoy walking by looking for things to be grateful for along the way.
  7. Do not over think things, your accomplishments, age etc. it is enough that you walk. it is impacting people no matter how mundane it may seem.
  8. You will finish well. Remember that.

I probably did not illustrate well but the ‘Walking’ is synonymous to ‘Living’ in this context. We will make it. Life has its up and downs, sometimes or most times we do not know how we feel about the time that ticks by, the places we go and the days, months or even years. I hope however that I do not focus on the ‘bad’ or ‘ugly’ sides to life and thus ignore the ‘good’, ‘happy’ and ‘sunny’ aspects. I want to live, laugh, play, talk, connect, relate, smile, learn and feel. I want to keep walking but walk it very well.

Life may seem dark and rank

You have the ability and mark

To make it happier and better

Keep believing and doing

and it will never be in vain.


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