Natural Elegance VS Made-Up Beauty

I sat in class the fourth week of resumption and to my left my pretty friend had on for the first time pink cute lipstick and nothing else (I noticed! Everyone wears lipstick these days). I had on eyeliner and had extended it past my actual eye line and felt quite proud of myself. I had come in, looked at my friend who usually sat behind us and I winked, she had done the same with her lining and we went on to have a conversation about it feeling proud of ourselves.

As I sat in class that day it struck me that the friend who sat in front, who is a bit older than the rest of us hardly ever had on any form of make-up. She just put on lip balm every once in a while, the colourless kind and that was it!. And get this: She HAS WON A BEAUTY PAGEANT FOR THE MINISTRY (Of something). She always carries herself a certain way too! like she’s worth a lot and she knows what life is all about.

It got me thinking about how concealers, artificial eyelashes, blush, foundation, eye shadows and all these things have become so important to us we forget who we are on the inside and it’s all about looks. Don’t get me wrong I use eye shadow, liner, mascara and lipstick on occasion. My point is, can we leave our homes without any of these and feel good about ourselves? I think we now rely too much on these things.

So I have a little checklist of caution.

  1. Will I feel naked and insecure with no form of additive, make-up or cosmetic on me?

2. Do I think more about what the person or people I come in contact with think of my make-up or more about my relationship with the person or the conversation at hand?

3. Is it smart to spend money on these products rather than on something worthwhile or savings?

4. Am I more concerned about my outward appearance than my inward appearance?

5. What does God think about this? This is very personal, remember God deals with each individual different.

So please go through this. Remember that God wants the best for you and that your focus should be your inside. This does not mean to neglect your outward appearance but to focus on what’s more important.

Never be the girl with too much make-up or made-up beauty with too little inner-beauty or natural elegance. Your insides will stay with you every second, minute and hour, through every relationship or situation. Your face can change with make up and age. Work on what is more lasting.

2 Corinthians 4:18

While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.

If you think you need to make a change, then start gradual, reduce until you’re sure you’ve satisfied God. Thank you so much for reading. Please comment your thoughts on this and share.


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