I am learning, like the books say; prepare to be with someone by being the person you want someone to be prepared to be with. It’s a bit confusing but it’s straight forward. You want a good guy, well work towards being a good girl. You want to be with a good girl, and then be a good guy. I have read books about relationship things, Love, Sex and Dating by Andey Stanley, I kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris and well that seems to be the message for me.

We youths do not talk about our struggles, the few of us that do it on a big scale get to Tell about it I guess but it seems surreal, probably because there is still an element of ordinariness missing when those ‘up there’ tell it. We usually plaster a smile on our faces and keep pushing; well that’s what I do. It feels like we have been ‘good’ for a long time and nobody has seen it enough to appreciate it and want us in that special way.

Christian girls have been taught so many things that are in place to make us chaste and clean. We are told to wear long skirts, box-like dresses, no makeup, no outings and the like. Then suddenly after years of hearing ‘you should not’ ‘you can’t wear..’ ‘it’s too tight’ your parents say things like:

‘You should be confident in those shorts, they’re not too tight or short’

‘Whose fault is it if you don’t have a boyfriend?’

‘You should dress nice, you’re young’

‘Are you not going to go out today?’

Woa! Where is all this coming from? Right? Well last time I wrote about make-up moderation. This time I’m not sure what I’m writing about. I just think, there will always be transitions and we should embrace them. So right now as we prepare to have those great jobs and wonderful relationships. Take it all as much in stride as you can. The preparation stage is just as important as the main action.

Actors on stage know this well. We’ve heard that life is a stage with us as actors. Every action is important on stage and leads to another action. The fairy tales are shortened and although Snow White probably stayed with the dwarfs in reality for close to seven years if it was a real story we think it was for seven days. We will make it. Our seemingly little value to the world now is more valuable than gold for those few around us right now. Little is bigger than we realise. Zechariah 4:10.

It seems like we are sitting on a fence

Neither here nor there

Awaiting our so long awaited chance

To be in our very own tale

Little do we know we’re already a’telling

That unique personal story

That’s a slow journey

But it must be made and treasured

This is a destination too.


3 thoughts on “Transitions

  1. First off, I have to say I chuckled at “are you not going out today?” Lol! So much pressure!!

    You’re right though, sometimes we get caught up in asking God for such and such a person and we don’t answer the question “do I qualify to be trusted with someone like that? Is my request a fair one?”

    I’m working on being the person I’d love to be with and I’m also learning to enjoy the journey and to make the most of it, because like you said, this counts too.

  2. As an aspiring “good guy” with a couple of mistakes, I know that we continually learn. I believe there are those things a guy can only learn from his Father. Those things are what will matter the most, because He is teaching us how to be who He wants for His daughters.

    My point is that I don’t know much about being a good guy. I just want to be far along enough in my journey with Him that He can then give me His daughter.

    And I want to see her with his eyes; not the good girl definition anyone else has. She is an entity that can not be defined by expectations or measured by standards. She is His and Her alone defines her.

    Thanks for writing this.

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